Sunday, February 12, 2012

Finally a FUN Saturday

After a ridiculously annoying week at work I was finally able to have some fun on Saturday.
Saturday morning my mom arrived with her old oven to donate to us because the pilot lights in our oven would not stay on, and because nothing in my life seems to go smoothly, the electricity in the "new to us" oven is now not working! Oh well, you win some you lose some.

Saturday night my cousin Lacey and her family, Kristen, and my friend Katherine (my wedding planner) and her husband came over for a few drinks and a night out to dinner.
We made lots of margaritas and everyone got loud.

Dean was really enjoying the chocolate candy.

Please notice how Brandon and Grant have their arms interlocked, best friends? I think so...

Notice now the guys still have their arms locked together, but for some reason now Dean is holding a hammer!

We ended up going to dinner at Ruby's and it is so close we were able to walk there and back.
It was a really fun night.


Life After Marriage said...

We had SO much fun!! that was our first fun saturday in a verryyyyy long time, thanks to the torrens & kathy!:) magno LOVES her by the way haha! the place looked amazing, you are a GREAT hostess! thanks again for having us over and for the picture...its perfection<3

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