Sunday, February 5, 2012


This last week has felt like a marathon to me!  I have never felt so worn out in my whole life!
Monday was my first full day of work and straight from work I came home to our new place to pack a bag to stay back at my parents place, because Tuesday morning we were up at 430am to catch the train into LA.  Tuesday morning we had Grant's immigration interview to see if he could stay in the country.
From moving, starting a new job, and having the immigration interview I was a huge ball of stress.

The interview went great and now Grant can live and work in the USA for 2 years!
When we got home on Tuesday afternoon we went back to my parents house and finished packing and moving all of our stuff back to our new place.

Wednesday was my second day of work.  During my lunch break I had to get a TB test done for my job and the nurse at Kaiser talked me into getting the Tdap shot, by the end of the day my arm was killing me.
When I got home my mom said that the gas company came and turned on the gas, but now it was leaking and we had to wait for them to come back to fix it.  The gas guy came back and turned the pilot light back on and then as soon as he left it went off again!  Sooo we had to wait for him to come back again only to tell us he would send out a technician Thursday night.

All day Thursday at work I was in a ton of pain with my arm, I felt like I would be sick on my drive home, so as soon as I got home I called Kaiser and told them that I could not lift my arm and that it was swollen and purple and hot.  I guess that pain around the injection site must be common because she said that I should just take asprin.

By the time Friday rolled around I was so happy to have the weekend to rest and recover!
My cousin Amanda and her family came over for dinner that night, but we were able to be asleep by 9pm.
Yesterday, Saturday I was able to sleep in and finish organizing our house, its finally all put away!
Saturday night Lacey and her family came over and we all went out to dinner, it was a really fun night.
L.A. and the immigration interview.

Saturday we went to Ikea and got some shelves for our room.

Finally its all put away and we can enjoy Sunday!
I hope next week goes by smoothly and quickly till the next weekend.


beeswax said...

Your home is great! It was fun hanging out and shopping with you today. You'll be settled in soon and can then relax. It's tough being a grown-up, huh?
Love you, MOM

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