Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day

Today is Valentine's Day and to be honest if I hadn't gone to work and saw everyone giving out candy and notes it would have been just like every other day lol.
Grant and I didn't do anything special, he handed me a dandy lion that was growing on the driveway and said I should make a wish hahhaha. 
This is what I wore to work today, I tried to wear red but I don't own one item that is red or pink! 
Here is a picture of the drawing that I finally finished this last weekend.  It feels like this drawing took extra long because I kept having to stop for moving and working.  So it feels really good to be done.

I am having an on going dilemma regarding the curtains in our bedroom!
The walls are painted a sort of natural grey/brown/green earth color and the colors I want in the room are teal, white, black, and silver.  I tried striped curtains at first and they were too dark and the stripe through off all the other patterns in the room.  So I thought white would be good, but I feel like it looks boring and sort of like I just threw a sheet on my wall!
I don't know what to do???
Second set of curtains.

First set of curtains.

What should I do?

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Anonymous said...

write some bad words with spray paint (really bad) on white curtains! Or throw paint at it (but you have to be really drunk), or! Make a comic-strip curtain! Or...oh Shannon so many options. We have someone else's curtains in our rental house- they brown, that's all I know. I feel like throwing something at it, but I feel like throwing things quite often in general.
Love, Alina

Anna said...

Dye them teal! You're creative, you could do it!

beeswax said...

I like that your sweater matches the rug, curtains and wall. Still think you need to go with the shorter curtains. Let's go fabric shopping when you get back and we can make some.
Love you, MOM

Katie said...

you could try a more neutral pattern curtain - like a pattern with more tan or white in it??

LeeAnne, Style N Season said...

Lindor chocolates are soooo good. Love the filing inside.

THank you for your kind comment on my blog. I hope you'll visit again soon!

Ow, I stopped at your other blog, and I think it's great idea to blog together with girlfriends!

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LeeAnne, Style N Season

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