Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Here are a few outfits that I have worn to work in the last few days.
I am starting to realize I need some more clothes lol.

My outifts are getting very repetitive.

Remember when I could not find curtains I like?
Well I found some red ones at Target for $8.00 and thought why not.
Well... they are ok, and because they were so cheap I will keep them untill I find something better or until I can some how pull the whole room together with some art.

Now that we are all settled in our new place we are having a hard time finding things.
For instance tonight Grant asked me where a certain tube of paint is and I can not seem to find it anywhere.
It takes a long time to realize where you put things away! I hope we find it.

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beeswax said...

Let's go shopping!!!!

Holly said...

Spotted your blog via Megan's, and clicked on it straight away aa I live in Christchurch, NZ, and always get ridiculously excited when I come across other people who actually know where New Zealand is! LOL!

Off to have a look around your blog now, and see if I can spot anywhere I recognise. :)

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