Sunday, March 11, 2012

Lets go fly a Kite...

Yesterday we took our bikes to the beach and rode from Huntington to Newport.
We had lunch and drinks at Sharkies and after that we had more drinks at Mutt Lynch's.
Riding back to the car was easier than riding to NP because we had the wind behind us!
There was some sort of kite festival too.  There were about 5 kites that put on a show to some music, it was pretty cool.

Today we slept in and made waffles for breakfast.  I took some pictures of our waffles and the waffle maker for Grant's mum Jo.  She got us the waffle maker for our wedding gift and we use it all the time.

The rest of the day consisted of painting, shopping for a gift for Grant's brother, napping, and meeting my mom for dinner.

Here is the very beginning of a painting I am working on.  I have no idea how it will end up!

Grant's new painting is really moving along, he is painting a lot faster now.
The weekend flew by as usual and now I am mentally preparing myself for the week to start again! AWWW!


beeswax said...

The beach looks fantastic, perfect sky, warm weather, the kites are very cool.
What's with the shape of those bacons???
Both of your paintings are coming along. Can't wait to see the finished art.
Thanks for meeting me for dinner. Claim Jumper, yum.
Love MOM

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