Monday, March 26, 2012

Saturday Nights Alright

Saturday night we went out for a few drinks at a local bar.  A few drinks turned into quite a few drinks and since we did not eat dinner, well you can imagine how we felt on Sunday.
I wore my hair curly ( more wavy than curly).

Grant taking photos of himself.  When he saw this he said, I look angry! hahaha

Check out this photo with the three "orbs".  One orb is in front of my boob and Grant called it a Borb LOL.

I guess we could have done with a few less drinks, but luckily it rained all day Sunday so hanging out inside was fine with us!

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beeswax said...

So you have a ghost who likes boobs....

The Zoomy's... said...

Haha, I did that Friday night... no food and too much wine (don't usually even drink wine 'cos of what it does to me, keep trying tho..).

Isn't that weird having 2 orbs and a borb?? Your Mom is right, you have a ghost that likes boobs!!

Love your hair wavy!!

L. Myers said...

hahahaha at the boob orb! so random and funny. looks like a comfy and classy dress. love the plaid on your boo too. :)

Anonymous said...

The borb is sooo funny! Cute outfit!
-barbie @

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