Sunday, March 18, 2012


Saturday was a day for showers.
Not only was it my cousin Lacey's baby shower, but it was also storm watch 2012 lol.
The storm ended up lasting about half the day and it consisted of some on and off rain and a little wind.
All in all it was a pretty disappointing storm after all the news hype ha ha.
Lacey's baby shower was a lot of fun, we ate, drank and played games.

The party was thrown by Kristen and she made a really yummy pasta salad.

There were also some super good homemade cupcakes that gave me an instant sugar rush.

Lacey and Kristen

The grandmas and great grandmas.

Gift opening.

It was one of our only cold days this winter so we were all wearing our boots.

Baby bump picture.  Lacey is due on April 14th the day before Grant's 30th B-day.

The guys came over after the shower was over and the party continued.

Family photo.

Lacey and me with my fake balloon baby.

My mom with her fake balloon baby lol.
The day turned out great even though it was raining, nothing can stop fun!


Grace Lynne Fleming said...

those cupcakes look delish


Martina Visnjic art said...

I like the color of your pants. I love pasta salads and cupcakes are adorable. Beautiful post! :)

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