Saturday, April 14, 2012


On April 11, 2012 Hazel June was born!
My cousin Lacey finally had her baby.  Yesterday we went after work to meet the little one =)
It rained during the day so we had a really nice sunset with all the clouds.

Brandon made this face on their tree and that was the first thing Grant noticed when he got out of the car hahahha.

Little Hazel

I just love holding her, she is so super cute!

Dean seemed pretty excited to be a big brother.  I know when she gets a little older they are going to have a lot of fun together.

This just makes me want to be around little ones more often!


The Zoomy's... said...

Getting clucky Shannon? Hard not to with such a gorgeous wee girl. Aren't new babies just so cuddly and they smell soooo good!!
Fabulous photos!!

Hope you guys are all well (sure look like you are)

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