Sunday, April 8, 2012

Deck Demolition

Yesterday we spent the day ripping down my grandpa's deck/patio cover.
You can see in the middle of it where the wood is all rotted and it is sagging.  Right above the ladder in the picture.

We got there around 10am and started right away and didn't finish the job till around 5pm.

It was a beautiful day super sunny and warm.  I took a break to get us some carl's jr and I had a hard time trying to find it hahhaa.  When I got back I saw my grandpa had his shoes in the oven.  Apparently this is how he dries them hahhaha.

The only bad part of the project was the bin to put everything in was really small and we had to cut all the wood into smaller bits so it would all fit!  That was my job to cut the wood smaller and move it to the bin.
I have a new appreciation for what Grant does for a living!

Cutting and stacking was my job.

It took about an hour to clean it all up and Grant is going to go back in a few days and rip down the rest, we just ran out of time.

Last night we stopped by Lacey's house to hang out for a little while and see them before she has the baby.
Next Wednesday the baby will be here if not sooner!
Now its time for Easter morning with my family =)


beeswax said...

You two can start your own Demolition business.

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