Sunday, April 15, 2012

Grant's 30th Birthday

Yesterday was Grant's 30th birthday.  Since he was born in NZ we celebrated his b-day on the 14th even though his American birthday is on the 15th (in other words NZ is a day ahead of us).
We decided to go out to dinner with some friends and then to a bar near our house.

Amanda, Keith and Wes all came over early for a few beers before we took off to dinner.

At dinner we met up with Scooter and Zelda and Nick.  After dinner we went to a bar for more drinking and dancing.

In the back of this above picture you can see Grant high fiving some girls hahhahha.

The whole walk home we were parcoring? It is where you walk and anything that comes in your path you jump over or walk over.  Something like that.

I guess you could say we were all a little drunk hahahha.

At the end of the night Grant and the guys were bush diving.
I am just happy we finally made it home.

It was a really fun night.


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