Tuesday, April 24, 2012


I called Grant at lunch and he let me know that he fell off the ladder at work so he went home.
I immediately thought why did you not call me to tell me this?  Then I thought are you ok?
Turns out the ladder slipped out from under him and he fell on his butt on top of the ladder.
He also cut his elbow, but thank goodness he is fine!  So tonight we headed out to get some gas
for my car and when we returned and parked the car on our street Grant got out of the car and
found his underwear sitting in the gutter.  He picked them up and said look its a lucky day after all!
Gutter Undies!


Lacey Donatelli said...

Why were his undies in the guter!? Hahaha

Life After Marriage said...

hahah only grant.

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