Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Life and clothes!

Does your life ever remind you of the movie groundhog day?  Every weekday I feel like it is groundhog day.  I go to sleep only to wake up with the same exact senerio happening everyday... I guess that is life?
Anyways I really need to go shopping for some new clothes because I don't have much that will work to wear to work.  I have a lot of summer stuff and a few sweaters, but I don't have anything that is cool but appropriate for work, maybe its because I left all of my clothes in NZ.  Anyways these are a few looks that I am looking for.
Here is a look I need to avoid for work, but would be great for summer!

I need clothes!!!

You can find the links to these pictures here at my Pinterest.
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Martina Visnjic art said...

Beautiful outfits, I would like to see you wearing those colour like on third photo. And these clothes on the third picture seems fine for work. :))

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