Monday, April 16, 2012

Sunday Planting

Sunday I woke up pretty early for having been up so late the night before.  I cleaned the house and it was only 930am so I thought I would go to the mall to exchange the jeans I bought Grant for the right size.  He was asleep, still hung over.  So I get to the mall around 10am and I learn that the mall does not open till 11am!

So I gave up on the mall idea and headed to home depot.  I decided to get some more flowers and a few things we needed around the house.  When I got home Grant was still sleeping lol.
I planted all my flowers and then realized I should really think about how this will look hahahha.
What I plan to do is get some wild flower seeds and mix up the dirt and sprinkle the seeds and hopefully it will look less like a dirt pile!

Our friend Katherine who could not make it to Grant's birthday stopped by our area to give him this yummy rice crispy treat cake.  It is so cute and tasted really good!

I made it through Monday, only 4 more days to go till the weekend!


Claire said...

loving the rice crispy cake! very cute idea!!! and so cool that you did some gardening. i'm terrible with plants. poor things die as soon as i plant them :)

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