Monday, May 7, 2012

Cinco De Mayo

Saturday was Cinco de Mayo!
We started the day early with Grant surfing and Ryder getting dropped off at my house at 8am.
We spent the morning playing games and walking up to some of the shops.  Ryder really liked hanging out at our house, but next time we are going to need more games and maybe a ball or something to do.
In the afternoon we headed over to Amanda's house for the party.

Everyone got to meet little Hazel!  She is such a cutie!

The boys cracked open their own pinatas.
The big one for the adults broke open with one swing and instantly became a sticky mess because Amanda had put otter pops in it!  Note to self never stuff a pinata with any liquid.

I enjoyed holding hazel most of the night.


beeswax said...

That was a fun party. It's good to get together with all the kids.

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