Monday, May 28, 2012


 I am back, well I never really went anywhere but my computer is back so I am back online!
It is sort of funny because I didn't really miss the Internet or blogging.
What does that mean?  Maybe I am over it?
Well I will still be blogging, but probably not every day anymore.
I guess you can say I now have a life outside of the Internet and it is a lot more fun!!!!

 Yesterday my mom came over and we went out to eat and she talked us into posing next to the pretty flowers.  Does anyone else see a lot of legs?
 Here is a random picture of our house when everything is out looking like a mess.
 Grant has decided that he is going to paint his surf board so he is now obsessed with drawing ideas!

 Saturday we went to Huntington and had rainbow drinks with Amanda and Keith at the Aloha Grill.
The drinks are really good!

And here we are again next to the flowers hahhahaha.
Today is memorial day so we all have the day off...YAY
Happy Long Weekend!


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