Friday, May 4, 2012

Working it Out

I got my new passport in the mail! Yay 10 more years of traveling!

The sunflowers we planted a week ago have bloomed and I can not wait to see them grow.

The job I had was not working out for me so I decided that I am on the job hunt again.
Hopefully I find something I really love to do one day soon.

I have been working on my huge painting a little more and I really hope it starts to go somewhere soon.
Tomorrow is Cinco De Mayo = Time to Party!


The Zoomy's... said...

Aren't passports 5years now? Anyway congrats on more travelling!!

Shame about the job, but there is nothing worse than going to a job that just isn't you... good luck with the hunt!!

Haha, Cinco De Mayo here today, I went to Mexicali Fresh for lunch and had a taco salad, it was yum (the guy was suprised that I knew what the balloons they had up were for) just waiting for a margarita!! Craig had wisdom tooth extraction yesterday so a quiet celebration for us.

Loving the updates!!


beeswax said...

You're blooming all over! Life is always a new beginning. Enjoy the changes, otherwise, it just gets boring.
Love you

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