Saturday, June 30, 2012


If you are looking through some blogs this weekend try to stop by my cousin's blog Mandy Jane Beauty!  She has been doing makeup for a lot of really fun photo shoots!
Also she is really good makeup artist and is available for any type of event!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Sunday Beach

On Sunday morning we rode our bikes to the local farmers market and bought a few things and Grant worked on his surf board. In the afternoon we went to the beach for Grant to surf and for me to burn my butt cheeks! At least that is what happened.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Big Foot

If you really want to laugh, watch this NZ "Commentator" talk about big foot! SOOO funny!

Monday, June 25, 2012

A Birthday and BMX

Saturday we went to the BMX track that is pretty close to our house for Ryder's 5th birthday.  We all had a really great time up until the very end when my uncle decided to make one last lap and ended up falling off his bike and onto his shoulder!  He ended up breaking his collar bone, clavical and about 6 of his ribs.  He was taken to the emergency by an ambulance.  It is sad that the party had to  end on such a bad note because before that we all had a lot of fun!

 Cake time!

 Lacey and Hazel
 After my uncle crashed his bike!
 After the party Lacey went to the hospital to see her dad and I watched the kids at my house.
They really are very cute together!

Below is a video of everything that happened to my Uncle its not very pretty!
Be Aware there is one person cursing as well (its my mom)!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

LA Roadsters Show

This weekend I had some of my car art in a booth at the LA Roadster Show.  I did sell a few prints, and it was a fun weekend so I guess that is all I can ask for =)
On Friday I went up to my mom's house and the neighbor next door was having a birthday party.  We all had a lot to drink and by the time Saturday rolled around we were all pretty tired!
 On Saturday we spent the whole day at the show and around 5 Grant came over and him and I went out to dinner.  About an hour after dinner we were both asleep hahaha.
 Sunday was fathers day and we all headed out to the show again early.  Around 10 Lacey and her whole family showed up and it became a lot more entertaining.

 Look behind my head in this photo! Did you spot the girl with the crazy hair?????
 Little Hazel asleep.
 Now that she can hold her head up better it is so much easier to hold her!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Del Mar

Sunday we woke up early and headed down to Del Mar.  Grant found the perfect surf board that he has been talking about for the last 2 + months and it just happened to be sold in a small surf shop in Del Mar.  So we headed down south and went to the beach.  After driving in circles for what felt like an hour we finally found some good waves that Grant decided to surf.

 Waiting for the wave.
 He caught a wave to come in!
 Here I am in my usual position, sitting in the car reading while someone surfs.
 Have you ever seen someone so happy! Never!

Have you every looked in the mirror and asked your self do I look like I am getting a little fat?  Well that is what I did the other day and the answer is yes.  I asked Grant and he said he doesn't want to answer because whatever he says I get mad ahahahha so I know I am and I have to put a stop to it and the pictures below of what we ate Saturday night didn't help the matter any!

 Luckily today is Monday and we went jogging around the local college track a few times, I guess we have to start somewhere!

Monday, June 11, 2012

What did I do this weekend?

 At work today, someone asked me what I did on the weekend and I really couldn't remember!
That is sad if on Monday you can't remember what you did 2 days ago.  After thinking for way too long, it finally hit me.  Friday after work I met my mom and my cousin and all the kids at the spectrum and we went to dinner and walked around. 
Saturday I did some work around the house and finally finished my painting.  The day took a turn for the worse when I went to get in my car to go grocery shopping and I saw that I had a parking ticket on my window!
Seeing the ticket instantly put me into a bad mood and I stayed that way for a long time.  Grant said to me, you have to just get over it! You being mad and upset is exactly what they want you to do as a punishment so just get over it, so I did.  That night we went to a friends party and ended the night early so we could wake up early on Sunday.

 My finished painting (it took long enough)

Sunday, June 10, 2012


I am now obsessed with the office!  I am watching all the old episodes in order from the beginning! Its soo funny =)

Monday, June 4, 2012

Crystal Cove

We started the day with some waffles.

Sunday we went to Crystal Cove.  It is an area of the beach where people use to camp in the 40's and all the little summer houses that were built there are all being revamped because as of now they are all rotted away!
You have to take a bus down to the beach from the car park.

 We ate lunch at Ruby's.

 It was a really fun day, it would be great to go back and spend the whole day sometime.

 We ended the day with some creative photography!

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