Monday, June 25, 2012

A Birthday and BMX

Saturday we went to the BMX track that is pretty close to our house for Ryder's 5th birthday.  We all had a really great time up until the very end when my uncle decided to make one last lap and ended up falling off his bike and onto his shoulder!  He ended up breaking his collar bone, clavical and about 6 of his ribs.  He was taken to the emergency by an ambulance.  It is sad that the party had to  end on such a bad note because before that we all had a lot of fun!

 Cake time!

 Lacey and Hazel
 After my uncle crashed his bike!
 After the party Lacey went to the hospital to see her dad and I watched the kids at my house.
They really are very cute together!

Below is a video of everything that happened to my Uncle its not very pretty!
Be Aware there is one person cursing as well (its my mom)!


Claire said...

oh man, that's so crazy! i hope your uncle is all right. but the party looked like such a blast otherwise!

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