Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Del Mar

Sunday we woke up early and headed down to Del Mar.  Grant found the perfect surf board that he has been talking about for the last 2 + months and it just happened to be sold in a small surf shop in Del Mar.  So we headed down south and went to the beach.  After driving in circles for what felt like an hour we finally found some good waves that Grant decided to surf.

 Waiting for the wave.
 He caught a wave to come in!
 Here I am in my usual position, sitting in the car reading while someone surfs.
 Have you ever seen someone so happy! Never!

Have you every looked in the mirror and asked your self do I look like I am getting a little fat?  Well that is what I did the other day and the answer is yes.  I asked Grant and he said he doesn't want to answer because whatever he says I get mad ahahahha so I know I am and I have to put a stop to it and the pictures below of what we ate Saturday night didn't help the matter any!

 Luckily today is Monday and we went jogging around the local college track a few times, I guess we have to start somewhere!


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