Monday, July 23, 2012

Friday Night Slumber Party

 On Friday night my mom came over and we went out to dinner to Ruby's.  On our walk home we stopped by a few bars and then my mom stayed the night for a slumber party.
 After drinking hahahha!

In the morning we ran some errands and we realized we were both wearing our orange shorts so we had to take some pictures with our wedding car!  It won't be long till we have been here a year! One whole year of living in Sunny CA and one whole year of missing NZ.  This year flew by, it is easier not missing all of my family all of the time =)

 Look at us we match the car! Too bad this year we will miss Bonneville, some of us have to work lol.


beeswax said...

OMG! My face. I look like a fish or worse..
I had a fun evening with you guys, love bar hopping. You're lucky you live so close to all the restaurants and bars.

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