Saturday, July 28, 2012

Nice Dinner Out

 We were invited to go out with Lacey and her family for her birthday at the Orange Mining Company.  We all had a really nice dinner with a great view.
 Hazel and Dean are the most well behaved children I have ever met.  I don't even think the other diners knew we had children with us.

 Here we are trying to pose for a picture!
 Finally a good won where we are both all smiles!

 I finally had a reason to wear the dress my mom got me from Hawaii.
Happy Birthday Lacey! 


beeswax said...

Maybe that dress is a little too sexy for your shirt.

Life After Marriage said...

i've worked SO many weddings there! & still never had the food, go figure! you guys all look so cute! dean & hazel are just the sweetest little angels<3

Anonymous said...

Hot, hot, hot.

Love ya'...


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