Monday, July 2, 2012

A Really Nice Weekend

 Saturday I met everyone at Laguna Beach, it was a beautiful day.
Grant had to work so I went on my own.

 Of course Hazel was the star of the show!

 Later in the day we went to Lacey's house and we went shopping! I got a ton of cute clothes, the dress below is one of my finds!
 On Sunday we went shopping again and in the afternoon I went to a party at one of the girls I work with house and apparently Grant went shopping.  He found a wet suit, 2 pairs of sun glasses and a hat!  To say the least it was a very expensive weekend!
 Here he is wearing his new shorts and holding all his new stuff.
Sunday night we all went to see Magic Mike, the stripper movie.  The stripping was very entertaining, but the movie was horrible hahaaha it had no plot and some of the worst acting I have ever seen.  2 thumbs down, but at least we all had fun and we all got a good laugh out of it.

The picture below is funny because my mom stopped a Mexican family to ask them to take the photo of us and they said yes, they were visiting from Mexico and then they asked us to take a photo but not of them they wanted more photos of us with their cameras, lol it was so funny!
Now I am waiting for the 4th of July, one day away.


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