Sunday, July 8, 2012

Summer Weekend

This weekend was a lot of fun, I feel like I am on vacation hahhaha.  Maybe because we live in a small place and it makes me feel like we are at Grant's vacation home back when we were in NZ or maybe its because its hot out now and we went to the beach and surfed and rode bikes. Who knows?
 Look how awesome our garden is! I love it!
Grant finally finished his board on Saturday and took it out surfing. My mom came over and we went and bought her a recliner chair for her bedroom.  I also made shepherd's pie for dinner and it was supper yummy.

 Sunday morning after breakfast we went to the beach and Grant surfed for a little while but the waves were not that great so we went for a bike ride and ended up with lunch at BJ's.

 Tonight we are having left overs! Tomorrow its the week all over again =)
I also painted 2 walls in our place, soon there will be a before and after post.


beeswax said...

The surfboard looks great. Grant is such a talented artist. Amazing the stuff that comes from his head!!! Can't wait to see the wall.
Love you, MOM

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