Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Sunday and Tuesday

So not only did I dye my hair on Sunday,  but we also made some NZ lamb to share with Lacey and Brandon.  Today is Tuesday and for some reason Monday is lost in the middle.  Even today at work I kept saying today is Monday...DUH, never assume the week to be longer, that is never fun!

Ok we will start with the star of the cute show, Hazel June!
She is so gosh darn cute!

 Here is a posed family photo as you can tell hahhaha. That is impossible!

 Dean is not drinking wine but he was swirling it around like a pro! I told him to try a sip but I think the mash potatoes were enough to send him over the edge.  The guys are eating their NZ food at the MAN table and Lacey and I were eating hot dogs in the woman section.
 It was a really fun night especially since it ended with Cherry on top Frozen yogurt.

Today is Tuesday and like I said I feel like Monday was lost, I can't remember what happened and I guess there is no need to.  I came home from work and Grant is no where to be found, but the mail was brought in and his shoes are sitting near the door, I went out to the garage and saw the surf boards are gone so I am assuming he is surfing!  A text would have been nice but don't worry I am having my own fun I am looking at blogs and drinking a beer!
 I have been wanting to post about the Fifty Shades of Grey book for a while now.  I would have to say this is the worst book I have ever attempted to read.  If you were thinking of getting this book, don't!  There is no plot, the writing is bad, and it moves along at a snails pace and it is very repetitive!  I don't know how many times it says someone bites their lip or something about inner goddess, but its a waste of time.  If you are reading it for the romance sections there are way better romance novels out there!  It reminds me of the movie Magic Mike because that involved sex and that was horrible too.  Who are these people who are recommending this crap?
 And finally I would just like to ask where do you hang your laundry?  We hang it in the door way and we call this area little Saigon.


The Zoomy's... said...

Isn't Hazel the cutest!! Funny what you say about 50 Shades... I read it in no time and everybody I know who has read it raves about it. I've just started the 2nd one 50 Shades Darker and can't wait for the movie!!

Hope y'all well!!

Shannon Olson said...

Ha ha maybe I should keep reading the book then and give it a chance? But I just can't seem to get into the romance novel thing lol, it just seems so korny =)

The Zoomy's... said...

Haha, I think there's a little more to that book than just 'romance', I don't know what they're labelling it there but here it's being called 'Mommy Porn'... I guess it's like any other book though, it's either you or it's not!!

Hope you're all well and you look like you're enjoying summer!!

Take care

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