Tuesday, July 10, 2012

What I Wore

I have not posted any fashion posts lately, mainly because I feel like no one cares what I am wearing and also I feel like everyone who has a blog posts about what they are wearing and most of the time I am thinking who cares (unless its one of my 10 fav fashion blogs that are very creative with every outfit).  Anyways I have a few new shirts that I have been wearing to work so why not post them.
 Please excuse my horrible photos, its the best I could do lol.

I have been trying to work out lately but it is so hot out and I am so tired after work that it is hard to stay motivated.  Today I finally said we have to go for a walk and luckily it is so hot in our house that it was nice to leave the house and walk outside where it is cool or at least a little cooler.  It didn't help that when I got home I made banana bread in the oven!  Tomorrow I plan to bring my shoes to work and go for a walk on my lunch break, we will see if it really happens...

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beeswax said...

Your work outfits are so cute. You look like an office girl.
Good ... walk at lunch. Great for your circulation, if you sit all day at a desk, your ass spreads. I know.

Lacey said...

hahah I have flat ass syndrom too! I made banana bread last week and knew I would eat the entire thing so I cut it into pieces and threw it in the freezer. That way you just microwave one piece instead of eating it all before it goes bad.

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