Thursday, August 9, 2012

A Whole Year

I never think  of a year in the way everyone else does from Jan to dec.  Most of the time I think of a year being the anniversary form one major event to a year later from that event. Ever since I moved from Ca to New Zealand I always thought of the year from May when I arrived there till the next May.  This year since we moved from NZ back to the usa in August 2011 it has now been one full year of living in CA again for the first time in 3 years for me and for the first time ever for Grant. 
I have compared this year to my first year of living in NZ and it is completly different.  I felt like the first year I lived in NZ took forever, it was the longest year of my life! It was fun, but long. But living here so far has flown by! I guess its because I am no longer missing all of my family and probably because we had so much going on, from getting married to finding jobs and so on.  It is so nice to be able to live my life again without having to be on the computer everyday trying to catch up with everyone from here like I had to do in NZ.
I feel like if I stayed living abroad eventually I would have had to give up on staying in touch with all my family because it just became very difficult to have 2 separate lives. Luckily for now I am back home and I am able to see everyone all the time!  There are plenty of things that I miss quite a lot about NZ, that I never thought I would, but that is life I can't have everything!
So in review it has been an excellent year of living in CA!
 August 2011 Back in America!
 September Bachelorette and Bachelor party!
October 2011! Our Wedding
November Thanks giving!
Christmas 2011, this is what the pictures look like when you set it up on your car and run in the photo.
January 2012
February we moved into our own place and we got bikes!!!

March, Grant's showing off his painting!
 April. So much happened! We went to opening night of the Angels, we went to Catalina Island, it was Grant's 30th birthday and Lacey's baby Hazel was born!!!!

 May we drank and partied!
 June, Grant got a new surf board and we went to the beach a lot!
 July we partied and celebrated the 4th!
August, So far my friend Kelly got engaged, we went to Dean's 4th birthday, we watched Ryder graduate to the next stage of BMXing and we are sweating it out in our house because we have no air!

Here's to the next year, who knows where we will end up =)


The Zoomy's... said...

So funny, I've been thinking the last couple days it must be a year since you two left NZ for CA. So much has happened in that time and it's not long and it'll be a year since we were there, at your wedding of course and your 1st anniversary on it's way. High time we came back and we leave here on 22 Nov for another awesome American adventure, and of course catch up with some awesome American friends. Counting down the days with a grand finale of 10 days in CA at the end. Can't wait to see y'all again =)

Wombat said...

Yes I have also been thinking it is a year since we went to CA to visit you. I miss you both very much and understand how you must have felt being away from home Shannon. You both look so well and happy so that is a lot to be thankful for. However I am hoping that you will return to Australia some time. Love Aussie Mum

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