Sunday, September 23, 2012

The First Weekend of Fall

Supposedly it is Fall, but you would never guess it here in CA.  It is hotter than ever! I swear I can't wait to start wearing warm clothes and boots, but right now it feels like that is never going to happen.

I have been on pinterest looking up a lot of awesome pictures and I have saved a few fall looks that I can't wait to start copying.

You can find all the links to these outfits on my Pinterest Here! 

Yesterday I got my hair cut and I really love it! It pretty much looks the same, but it has a lot more layers and all the dead ends are cut off.

Last night Grant and I babysat my cousins 2 little kids and to me it was pretty easy, I have dealt with a lot more craziness in other baby sitting jobs, but when I asked Grant "makes you want to have kids huh?" he just raised his eyebrows and started laughing hahahahha. I told him don't worry when you have your own kids it doesn't hit you all at once like that, it grows on you slowly LOL.

Getting ready for the next week!


beeswax said...

You have the best hair, it looks great. Now I know what you want for your birthday. A scarf.
Love MOM

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