Tuesday, October 2, 2012

First Anniversary

On October first it was our one year anniversary since being married!  It is very weird to think that just one year ago we were partying at our wedding.  Part of me feels like it was a long time ago and part of me feels like it was just yesterday.  So much has changed in just one year, we both have jobs we like and we are living on our own in a fun town.

Last night to celebrate we went to a restaurant in the Orange circle and had Mexican food and Margaritas (whats new).  I was very surprised when I came home and saw that Grant had bought me flowers.  I was searching for a vase to put them in when he said oh I think there is a vase in the bedroom.  So I went in the bedroom and he had got me another bunch of roses and then later he said oh it smells good in the bathroom ( I thought he was joking) so I went in there and there was another bunch of flowers!  He really did surprise me!

 Just one year ago we were getting married!
 We pulled the cake from our wedding out of the freezer and opened it up and it was covered in frostbite and smelled funny so we took a picture of it and threw it out hahhaha.  At least we tried the tradition.

 Here is a little gift my mom got us!

At dinner we took a picture in the mirror (can you see us???)     
It was a great anniversary and a great year of being married.  One thing I have learned is to let a lot of things go!  No need to start a fight over something small =)  I hope to learn a lot more as time goes on!


beeswax said...

Grant! You did good with all the flowers.
Love, your MIL

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