Friday, November 30, 2012

New York Trip

The day after Thanksgiving I took off for New York.  It was a work trip, but I still had a really fun time.  I have only been to NY once before with my mom, but that was in the summer and we were doing all the tourist things.  It was really cold and the whole town is decorated for Christmas.  From the moment we arrived till the day we left we were constantly on the go.

We arrived really late at night and went straight to bed.  The first day we worked was setting up the booth, because that only takes part of the day we spent the rest of the day going to Rockefeller center and touring around a little before getting to bed early for our first day of the convention. 

View from the car on the way to the hotel.  Late arrival and still tons of people out and about.
 Setting up for work.
 The tree before it lights up.

 Rockefeller Center a few days before they lit the tree. We walked around and found a cute place to eat.

 We did a little shopping and headed back to the hotel early to be ready for work the next morning.

 The view from our hotel lobby.

 I found a cute sweatshirt and of course who can pass up chocolate!
I will post more about the trip soon...

Friday, November 23, 2012

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

 Happy Thanksgiving! Today Grant woke up early and went surfing and I sat around and watched the parade and dyed my hair.  Around 11am we went to my mom's for Thanksgiving, she made the turkey and we all went to the neighbor Rondi's house to eat.

 Grant is growing a beard!

I didn't take one picture of anything from the meal! I really need to start remembering my camera.
 My mom and me
 I finally wore this shirt that I bought a long time ago and have just never thought of wearing.
 Grant finished more work in the house after dinner.
And I will leave you with a picture of Hazel and my mom from last weekend, they just love each other! Now it is time to get some rest before my trip tomorrow to NY...

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Cleaning Spree

 So I got up this morning thinking, yay I have the whole day to do whatever I want! 
The only thing I want to do this weekend is pack for my work trip that I am going on at the end of next week.  I am going to NY so its going to be cold and I want to be warm but I also want to look hip, for me this takes a lot of pre planning.

When I got my luggage out of the garage I looked in all the pouches and I found my sock bun! Its really just a sock that has the tip cut off and rolled into a doughnut shape, but I really had look for this stupid thing before and I never made another one.  Turns out my hair is long enough again to use it too!

 After messing around with the sock bun, I thought its the perfect day to clean that stupid fan that I always look at in disgust.  This thing was really dirty when we moved in almost a year ago and it has just got worse.  Its not just dust it is grease and dirt mixed.  It took dish soap and hot water and a lot of scrubbing, but it worked!

Its like we have a new fan!  I also scrubbed the rest of the house and finally its now time to pack for my trip, I can never be to prepared hahhaha! A week early packing that's not weird...

Monday, November 12, 2012

Working Weekend!

 We spent the weekend at my mom's house working.  She had a lot of rotten wood on her deck, so Grant spent all day Saturday and Sunday cutting out the bad wood and replacing it with new wood.
On Saturday night we went to my friend Kelly's engagement party, she asked me to be a brides maid and I accepted.  I have never been a bridesmaid before so it should be fun!  The party was really nice and I can't believe I forgot to take any pictures.
 My job this weekend was painting and cleaning, Grant had to do all the hard work!

 Here we are after we got back from the party, I got to wear the new shirt my mom got for me, it was such a cold night that I wish I had my big jacket.
In the middle of the work day on Sunday Grant came running in saying he had a really deep splinter, I looked in the cut and didn't see anything, we messed with it for a while and because we didn't find anything he went back to work.  At the very end of the night he said there is definatly something in there so I just started tweezering into the cut and low and behold a pulled out a splinter that was at least 1 inch long!  I could not believe something that long could have gone straight into his thumb.

It bothered him so much today that he is now at the doctors, because it now looks infected even though we got the splinter out.  Thank goodness we got it out!  It will be interesting to see what the doctors will do...

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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Halloween and Big Bear

 Last week was Halloween and it was the first one in a long time where we didn't dress up and didn't go to any parties, I guess that means I am getting old.  We did have a fun hat day at work so I got a captains hat and ate a bunch of candy!

Last weekend Grant and I drove up to Big Bear, cause it was my cousin's birthday and she invited us up to celebrate.  The cabin was awesome and we had a lot of fun.
 Here I am wearing the scarf my mom gave me from Italy for my birthday. It looks good with all my clothes!
 Here we are being silly in the stores.
 The trees made it really feel like fall!

 The birthday girl, we are now both 29!
 We played some WII and turns out its a lot of fun!  If we ever move to a bigger place I might get it.

 The chips we bought before we left home just about exploded from the pressure.

It was a fun weekend away! Next time there will probably be snow...
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