Monday, November 12, 2012

Working Weekend!

 We spent the weekend at my mom's house working.  She had a lot of rotten wood on her deck, so Grant spent all day Saturday and Sunday cutting out the bad wood and replacing it with new wood.
On Saturday night we went to my friend Kelly's engagement party, she asked me to be a brides maid and I accepted.  I have never been a bridesmaid before so it should be fun!  The party was really nice and I can't believe I forgot to take any pictures.
 My job this weekend was painting and cleaning, Grant had to do all the hard work!

 Here we are after we got back from the party, I got to wear the new shirt my mom got for me, it was such a cold night that I wish I had my big jacket.
In the middle of the work day on Sunday Grant came running in saying he had a really deep splinter, I looked in the cut and didn't see anything, we messed with it for a while and because we didn't find anything he went back to work.  At the very end of the night he said there is definatly something in there so I just started tweezering into the cut and low and behold a pulled out a splinter that was at least 1 inch long!  I could not believe something that long could have gone straight into his thumb.

It bothered him so much today that he is now at the doctors, because it now looks infected even though we got the splinter out.  Thank goodness we got it out!  It will be interesting to see what the doctors will do...

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beeswax said...

I loved having you guys stay over this weekend. Just like old times (last year). Ha Ha.
Love you, MOM

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