Saturday, December 22, 2012

Christmas Party

 I got to wear my new shirt and jacket to Amanda's Christmas party.
I bought these when I wan in NY!
I guess I could have worn them already, but I hate wasting a good outfit on a nothing day.

Below is a picture of the orange circle with all the Christmas decor.  It looks even more festive in real life.

 The kids getting their gifts.  I remember when I was young every Christmas we got a gift from every aunt and uncle, so we got 4 gifts while all the adults sat there and watched and now I am the adult sitting and watching lol.
 Here is my mom and her mini me Hazel.  I thought they look alike in this picture with the same hair color.
3 sleeps till Christmas morning!


beeswax said...

Ha ha ha ha ha, Mini-Me! I forgot to tell you how cute you looked last night. Love the outfit! More Christmas to come, yay!

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