Saturday, December 1, 2012

New York Part 2

The lobby in our hotel
What I do While getting ready in my room LOL!
Right before dinner
After our first set up day we didn't have any time to tour around because we were not back from working the show till after 6pm each night.  So we mostly went to dinner and walked around.
M&M Store, all the employees were dancing to Gagnam style.
 The restaurant right across the street from our hotel.  They have the best food here, we ended up eating there 2 different times and the last time we got huge yummy burgers!

Our last night we went out for NY style pizza.  We started out walking toward the H&M store, but when we saw all that was going on in Bryant Park we decided to spent the evening there watching the ice skaters.

 This is the Pizza place we went to the last night we were in NY, I had a view of the place from my hotel room.

View out of my hotel room.

 Day we left to go home.
 Waiting in the airport for our flight, after the scariest cab ride I have ever taken.  We almost died when the driver ran a stop sign!  I was car sick when we got to the airport, luckily we had some time to relax before we had to board the flight.


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