Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Year 2013 in Review

This has been a great year!  A lot changed for us this year; we bought our own place and moved in, we went on vacations, and we are expecting our first little baby!  This will be the last year of being just a family of 2.  Its a little scary, but I know once the baby is born it will be hard to even remember what our lives were like before we had him.

January We still lived in Orange and we still had our bikes!
 February I went on a work trip to Chicago.

 March We moved into our first home!

 April Hazel turned one, and we partied!

 May We went to the Angel game and I was in my friend Kelly's wedding, and we started decorating our place.

 June I found out I was pregnant, we celebrated Father's Day, we had a girls weekend, and we went to the Ellen show.

July We went to Maui, we replaced our windows, and we had some parties.

August Hung out at the pool, Had a our first large gathering.

 September Started to show!
 October Celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary, and turned 30!

 November  Had my baby shower, and Thanksgiving dinner.

 December Went to the Christmas Crawl, and celebrated at my parents house on Christmas morning.

This was such a fun year and it feels like it went really fast!

In the new year I am looking forward to; Having our baby, settling into that new routine, my cousin Kristen's wedding, and hopefully more traveling and parties!

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas 2013

 This year because Christmas was in the middle of the week we decided to have Christmas dinner on the eve and then just have Christmas morning as usual.
For dinner we had steaks and potatoes, so yummy!
 It was really warm as usual and we had a great sunset.
 Christmas morning we got up and had waffles for breakfast and opened all our gifts.  Of course grant got the most gifts, but I have a feeling next year the baby will get most of the gifts.

 Santa came down our street Christmas morning.

 Christmas day was about 80 degrees so it didn't feel very wintry.

Below is a picture of our tree before I took it down and put all the Christmas spirit away!
I am ready for new years and for the coming year and the baby!

Pregnancy Update 7 Weeks Left

In 2 days I will be 33 weeks along!  I really don't have that much time left and every day I am getting more and more excited, as well as more and more nervous.  I have done a ton of reading on what to expect for delivery and after the baby is born, but until you experience it there is really no way to prepare yourself.  I get so nervous with the unknown so I am trying to just stay excited about the baby getting here and trying not to think about the actual delivery.
1. Symptoms

Now I am at the point where everything I eat takes a really long time to digest so it feels like I have a whole meal stuck in my throat for hours at a time.  I am also really thirsty all the time, but the draw back is if I drink too much water I get really full and it makes the indigestion worse!
2. Weight Gain

I have gained about 36 pounds so far.  Seems like I gained 30 pounds really fast and then it has taken months just to gain the last 6 pounds.  I wouldn't be surprised if I gained a few more because they say now till the end I can gain about a pound a week but luckily so far it has not happened.

3. Maternity clothes?

Now all I wear is maternity clothes, I don't have a lot of them so I wear the same things over and over again, but I think who cares, its better not to waste money on a ton of stuff I won't wear again for a long time if ever.

4. Sleep
I have a hard time sleeping on my side.  I constantly wake up and find myself on my back and quickly switch to my side since they say you are not suppose to sleep on your back.  I always wake up mysteriously around 3am and struggle to fall back asleep before my alarm goes off for work.  Lets just say the interrupted sleep has made me extra tired during the day.

5. Movement

The baby moves constantly! Kicking and rolling and punching, part of me really likes it cause I know he is in there and doing good but sometimes it catches me off guard and scares me.  Also sometimes it will hurt like he will bunch up and put a lot of weight in one area, but over all I like the movement.

6. Food Cravings
I have not had any food cravings at all, weird but true.

7. Gender
Its still a boy!  We have done the nursery in a nautical theme, lots of blue and yellow and white.  It has turned out really cute!

8. Baby Buys
We have everything we need for the nursery and the baby. We have found some great deals at a second hand baby store near my mom's house.  We were able to find a glider and tons of brand new clothes all for under around $100.  I still have to wash some of the baby clothes, but I have most of them washed and put away.  Every weekend I am doing one or two things in the baby room so hopefully everything will be done by the time he arrives.

9. Names
This is the hardest thing in the world, picking a name.  We have about 5 names we like, but we are not really telling anyone cause everyone has an opinion and they are not always the best.  We will probably bring our list of names to the hospital and pick there.
52 days till my due date and only 44 days left of work.
I can't wait!

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Ornament Fun

 Monday my mom and I saw these cute blank nut crackers and decided to paint them.

 They turned out really cute and they are now happily hanging on my Christmas tree.

Mine is on the left and my mom's is on the right.  I feel like my guy is French with that mustache.
Christmas Crafts are the best!

Monday, December 23, 2013

Family Christmas Party

 Sunday we had our family Christmas party.  Everyone is busy on Christmas day so we usually end up having the party on a different day.

 This is the fist time Hazel met Great Grandpa Roy.
 She is really the star of the show.

 The kids opening the Christmas gifts is the best part of the day, they get so excited!

 Monday my mom and I returned something and painted Christmas nut cracker ornaments.
End of the 7 months and officially 8 months.
Its so nice to have a few days off in a row!
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