Sunday, January 6, 2013

Year 2012 in Review

I know I am a little late because it is already 2013, but I thought I would do a quick review of last year.  

January we moved into our own rental.  It took a while to get everything organized!
 February we went to Austin TX to visit my friend Andrea and go to her baby shower.
 March I got my hair cut short! We also started our garden.

 April baby Hazel was born, and Grant turned 30.

 May I started a new job!
 We also demoed my Grandpa's deck cover.
 June Grant got a new surf board and did cool art work on it.
 I sold my art at a car show!
 July Grant finished his board art!

August our garden grew huge and we went to Dean's rock n Roll party.

 September Grant did lots of surfing!
 October first was our first wedding anniversary and I also had my 29th birthday in Oct.

 November we went to Big bear for Amanda's birthday and I also went to NY for work.

 December we had Christmas at my mom's house and we went to Pismo for New years!

I lot more happened between all those moments, but that is a few highlights from the year.

Here is to a new year filled with a lot of excitement and fun!


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