Sunday, February 24, 2013


 I just got home today from working in Chicago for the last week.
It was a great show and I loved Chicago.  There is so much to do there and I can tell it seems like a great summer city! The fact that it was freezing made it hard to do anything outside.  I am talking 9 degrees! Cold!

 The first full day we were there after we set up our booth we headed out to lunch at the Ralph Lauren restaurant, I guess its the only one and very few people know about it.  The food was great and the place was really cool.

 It was freezing!

 On our walk back to the hotel we saw this huge famous sculpture nick named the Bean.  It reflects the whole city and its awesome!
 Us in the reflection.

 Here I am taking pics of myself one morning before the show.
  Our Third day there it snowed!
 Here is a picture of the snow after we got back from dinner at Quartino, the best Italian I have ever had! Delicious!
 The Show flew by and before I knew it we were headed back to the airport.
 Now I am home and washing all my clothes to get ready for work tomorrow.
Good thing is Grant kept the house clean and tidy so I don't have to do any cleaning.


beeswax said...

My pretty little business woman, so proud of you.
Love MOM

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