Monday, February 18, 2013

Decorating Ideas

 In March we will be moving into a new place! I can't wait and I have been on Pinterest marking all sorts of decorating ideas for the new place.  Of course this will be an on going project that will probably take a lot of time and effort.  To start out we will just move all the furniture that we already have into the place and then we will see what works to slowly switch things out.

I really want to get a bar cart for our dinning room because I think it would be so cool for when we have a party! 

 Below is how I would like to set up our guest room, not the color scheme, but maybe a day bed and some shelving and a TV just in case we ever have a guest over, or in case someone needs a break and wants to watch something else on TV.

 I plan to have Grant convert part of our room into a closet similar to the picture below and on the right.

 Below are some ideas for our office/ Craft room.  I plan to have that room function for the computer, paint room and sewing room.  Luckily that room has a pretty large closet!

I feel like once we move it will be so much easier to get art done and really everything!  It will also be easier to have people over and maybe some of Grant's family and friends could come over and visit us!
All of the links to the pictures above can be found Here!


Miś ka said...

Great ^_^ I want it, too !! xoxo miśka <3

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