Thursday, February 28, 2013

Stolen Bike

The Bike you see here was stolen yesterday out of our garage!  Not only was my bike stolen, but so was Grant's black bike!  It really makes me mad because whoever took our bikes had to go into our garage and move a bunch of junk and take them, it couldn't have been easy.
The really weird thing is on the side of our place there is a fence where all the garbage cans are and someone has been stashing bikes there.  They don't belong to any of the neihbors we have asked, the bike might be there for one day or two then it is gone and there will be another one there.  I told the police about our stolen bikes and the bikes that are left there and they said there is not much they can do.  I was told that I can tell them my serial number on the bike and that they can enter it into some system but I doubt that is going to make any sort of difference.  I am just happy we are moving soon, if we were living there longer I was thinking about setting up a camera and filming the area to try to catch the person because they must steal 5 bikes a week!

Why are people so horrible?


beeswax said...

I would take the next two bikes that appear there. let me know and I'll come and get them.
Love MOM

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