Sunday, February 17, 2013

Sunday Morning

Today is Sunday!  This morning we got up and Grant made breakfast and I cleaned up.  I feel like I have accomplished what I wanted to which was packing my bag for my work trip next week.  I am all packed accept for some last minute things, so yay!  Yesterday was fun, my mom came over and she helped me dye my hair and trim it up.  I probably need a real hair cut but I just feel like its such a waste of money sometimes, especially when my hair is a little longer like it is now.
Yesterday and today feel like summer, I am wearing shorts and a t-shirt.  Its weird to have this warm weather in the winter, I guess I really got use to the NZ winter and summer, where there is a distinct difference.

 Above is a really pretty tree that is in bloom near my work.
 Above is the painting I am working on, I am now using oil paints and its really nice to have a change from all the watercolors I do.

Below is the painting my mom did!  She has never used oil before and it came out really good!
 Here is Grant making Breakfast, Can't wait till we move and have a larger kitchen.


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