Sunday, March 31, 2013


Today is Easter and we had it at our house.  Normally we have always gone to my mom's house but since we have our own house we had everyone over here.  We literally finished the place or at least some of the place the night before.  Now we are going to take a week off of house projects.

 Living room!  We still need a new couch and some decorative stuff but its all painted and nice looking.
 The kitchen all done.  Now the only thing I want to do is a curtain over the window.

 our new sink Grant put in!  Love it, we still have to paint and finish a few things but its really great!
 Our back yard with the new flowers and table and chairs.

After eating and hanging out we decided to change the dinning room light.
We weren't going to do any projects but since there were people who were willing I said yeah lets do this!
The light is sooo much better!!!
 Before ( below)
 After (below)

Here is a great family picture of my Aunt and Uncle and cousins! 
Of course I didn't end up getting a good picture of my own family but oh well! lol

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Weekend Shopping

 Saturday I was up early and ready to go shopping.  My mom and I and Lacey took off to find furniture and decor for my house.  We found quite a lot at Ikea and a few things at second hand stores, but I think to find furniture we need to go to estate sales.
After shopping we went to Lacey's house to take pictures of Hazel for her first birthday.
She is so cute its crazy.

Lacey made these bows to go in the goodie bags at her birthday, so we decided to try them on.

 It got crazy!

Kristen made this super cute cake for Hazel's pictures.

Happy Weekend!!!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Hair Cut

 I finally got my hair cut!  It looks great, exactly what I wanted.  I decided to keep the length and just get some layers.  Luckily Alicia pointed out that I should probably get it toned down so we did a toner on it to that has made it look so much better.
Now I can go back to wearing my hair down instead of in a bun or pony tail!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Finished Shelf

 Here is our painted kitchen with the one and only thing we have hung on the wall!
We used the paint color Gentle Rain by Behr paint and I love the way the color came out.  It looks soo much better than the brown that was originally there.

Below is the shelf we painted and below that is the shelf decorated.
Of course this we had to used every decoration we own to fill this shelf so it might be changing eventually but for now I love it.  Once we paint the floor boards then we can finally say this room is done!
This weekend we will be starting on the living room ...

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Kitchen Re-do Part one

 This week we got a lot of work done on our place.  We replaced the Garage door, replaced the kitchen faucet, painted the kitchen, painted some built in shelves, replaced the shower heads and started on fixing up the down stairs bathroom.

 Above is the new garage door

Above is the shelves before they were painted.

Below is the new faucet.
 Below is us starting to paint, it was originally brown and we decided a really light gray would be better.
 Below the new color on the walls.
 We also had some fun!
 My cousin and her cute kids in their St Patty's day clothes!

 During the Painting of the shelves.
 Cute little Hazel!
 Hula hooping with a child on your head is harder than you think.

Family Fun!

Here are the shelves finished.
We have been working non stop since we moved in here and I am hoping by tomorrow after work we will finally be finished with the kitchen.  One wall needs another coat of paint and the front of the shelf needs a touch up but after that we are done!  I can't wait to put everything in its place and call it a day.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

The Big Move!!!!

 Night before the move.  I set our alarms but we were so excited to move we both woke up 2 hours before!

 We can never take a normal picture lol.
 Thank god my parents and Lacey and Brandon were there to help, with out them it would have taken all day.
 Here is our empty old place after we had loaded up the truck.

 Good bye super small place and hello to our new place.
Below is the room that will be our office.
 This room will be our guest room.
 Below is our bedroom.
 Grant got me some flowers when he was at home depot and then he carried me through the door of our first place!
 Good thing he is strong!

 The morning after the move! 
We have just been putting things away and making a huge list of things we need to buy to repair and fix the place up.  Of course this will take a long time, but its fun to get to finally be able to make a place exactly how we want it.

Sooo Nice!
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