Sunday, March 31, 2013


Today is Easter and we had it at our house.  Normally we have always gone to my mom's house but since we have our own house we had everyone over here.  We literally finished the place or at least some of the place the night before.  Now we are going to take a week off of house projects.

 Living room!  We still need a new couch and some decorative stuff but its all painted and nice looking.
 The kitchen all done.  Now the only thing I want to do is a curtain over the window.

 our new sink Grant put in!  Love it, we still have to paint and finish a few things but its really great!
 Our back yard with the new flowers and table and chairs.

After eating and hanging out we decided to change the dinning room light.
We weren't going to do any projects but since there were people who were willing I said yeah lets do this!
The light is sooo much better!!!
 Before ( below)
 After (below)

Here is a great family picture of my Aunt and Uncle and cousins! 
Of course I didn't end up getting a good picture of my own family but oh well! lol


Anonymous said...

What a great event to christen your new home. You kids have done a spectacular job of getting your place organized and upgraded in just three short weeks. Thanks so much for having us over for your great family holiday celebration.

Love ya'...


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