Sunday, March 10, 2013

The Big Move!!!!

 Night before the move.  I set our alarms but we were so excited to move we both woke up 2 hours before!

 We can never take a normal picture lol.
 Thank god my parents and Lacey and Brandon were there to help, with out them it would have taken all day.
 Here is our empty old place after we had loaded up the truck.

 Good bye super small place and hello to our new place.
Below is the room that will be our office.
 This room will be our guest room.
 Below is our bedroom.
 Grant got me some flowers when he was at home depot and then he carried me through the door of our first place!
 Good thing he is strong!

 The morning after the move! 
We have just been putting things away and making a huge list of things we need to buy to repair and fix the place up.  Of course this will take a long time, but its fun to get to finally be able to make a place exactly how we want it.

Sooo Nice!


beeswax said...

My aching back...
Wow, you sure had a lot of stuff in that little place. Congratulations on your new home! Now all of your hard work and money will be your own investment! I can't believe it's finally here.
Love you guys, MOM

Closet Blitz Woman said...

Your table and chairs are ace.Looks terrific Shannon.

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