Sunday, April 14, 2013

Parties and House Work

 Wednesday and Thursday I worked at the dental convention in Anaheim.  I saw this walking tooth brush and had to get a photo.  The funny thing is I don't know the guy in the photo with me and he would not leave!  My co-worker and I were laughing so hard cause she kept waiting for him to get out of the shot and he was so excited to get a photo with the tooth brush he would not leave!!!
I finally told her I don't care just take it lol!

 Thursday night we went to visit Hazel!

 On Thursday, Hazel's real birthday my mom and I went to see her and give her the rocking chair we got for her, isn't it cute!  She loved it!  I think in a few months when she is a little more stable on her feet she will really get to use it.
 Lacey and Hazel.
 Hazel's birthday was on April 11th and Grant's birthday is on the 15th so they are exactly 30 years apart.
 I had cut Grant's hair this morning and he wanted to leave the front long, I told him its sort of an 80's look.
 Me and Hazel at her One Year old Birthday Party.
 Before the Curtain 

 After the Curtain I made.
 Nice and bright for the spring and Summer, it was so easy to make that I could make one for each season!


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