Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Weekend of Parties

This weekend was full of a lot of parties.  Saturday night was my friend's Bachelorette party and the very next day was the bridal shower.  I feel like this weekend went by so fast it feels like there was no weekend at all or more like there was a weekend but I blinked and it was gone.
 We went to dinner at a place called Pop in Pasadena.  The food was really good, although I didn't eat much or drink much for that matter.  The funniest part of the night was the blow up doll my friend had to carry around with her.  His name is Tyron I guess that was the name on the box lol!

 Sunday at the bridal shower we played lots of games and had a great time.

We found this great table at a garage sale on the way to the shower! Score!

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