Monday, May 20, 2013

The Weekend Flew By

 Last week was the last ever episode of the Office and you better believe I cried! lol!  Grant took pictures of me crying but I look like an idiot so I am not putting them up.  We also brought the wave coffee table in a little while ago which has now made me re-think the way we had the living room set up and the decor.  So I have decided we have to now go with a subtle beach theme.  Not a full blown fish theme or anything crazy but just more of a wave and nautical theme.  When we were at some garage sales on Saturday I found some vases but sadly no furniture.  There were some drawers I saw that I am now thinking about a lot, maybe I should have bought them, but there will always be more sales next weekend.

 We need a rug and different pillows, maybe that coral color that is really popular right now.
I also got some art from my mom and hung it around the house.  Our sewing room is almost done.  We still have the office our room both bathrooms and the finishing touches on this living room, but so far its going good.

Above is a picture of us on the hunt for good garage sales.  Sunday I went to my friend Kelly's house to put together gifts for the wedding next weekend.  Its going to be a crazy weekend packed with stuff to do, but it will be fun!


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