Monday, June 10, 2013


I spent this weekend working on our office.  My mom and I went garage sale hunting on Saturday morning and I found the one thing I really wanted, a file cabinet.  Its pretty average but I only wanted it for my closet so its perfect!  We also went by Ikea and got the polka dot rug and the clock and a frame.  I still need art on the walls but I will have that pretty soon.

 Below is the view out our office.
 Below is our hall / landing area, the red chair is only their because it needs to be fixed and I don't want anyone to sit on it and fall on the ground! Some day I picture one of those seats where you can put blankets in or pillows. Something with more storage.
 Below is a picture of our guest room. The white cabinet next to the bed was custom built by Grant.  The cool thing is the door opens and something can be stored in there, maybe shoes or pillows, anything really.

As I make more updates I will post more pictures!


Anonymous said...

Lookin' better every day. Keep on keepin' on.

Love ya'...


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