Friday, June 28, 2013

new phone

I officially have a smart phone!  Now I can be one of those people who walks straight into a wall because they are so obsessed with their phones.  My co-worker said he feels like something is wrong when he can't check his phone, I don't think I will ever get that way.  For me I find phones to be very irritating, especially when people are constantly checking them even when there is obviously nothing happening on their phone.  I also find it irritating when you go to spend time with someone and they are either getting calls or checking in with someone, its like pretend its the old days and you don't have a phone, somehow everyone survived and still had fun and still met up with people and it all worked out.

Anyways I am currently obsessed with summer!  We are going on a vacation soon to Hawaii and I can't wait!  I plan to get tan and swim and read and relax.  I have not been on a real vacation in over a year so I am really really ready!

Here are some pictures I have been pinning to get myself in the mood for summer!
StarfishIt's Summer!!!golden fireworkssummer
The links to all these pictures can be found here.


Paula said...

What kind of phone did you get??

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