Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Closet

We have a closet down stairs that the previous owners had knocked a hole in to get more space.  The thing is the area behind is smelly and had mold and I could never imagine putting anything back there, so I told grant to make the wall whole again.  He said we need the he built a shelf that fits the area perfectly and hopefully will stop the smell and I guess we can put stuff way back in there!


We also use to have some dark curtains hanging on either side of this white curtain but it was way too dark so I took that down and its sooo much better, nice and light now.
The final plan will be to do away with the curtains and just have blinds.

 Grant building the shelf and closet with the shelf.
Now he just has to seal it up and put some trim around it and we can paint the rest of the closet and call it a day.
 Had fun hanging with the girls too!
I am not ready for Monday, but I guess that is happening anyways lol!


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