Wednesday, July 31, 2013


There is one photo that I held back from the post about Maui because we were not ready to share the news yet, but now we are!  I am PREGNANT!

I am currently 11 weeks along and on Saturday I will be 12 weeks.
The baby is due February 2014 and we couldn't be more excited!

Stay tuned for more updates... 

What I Wore Wednesday!

I wish I had more outfits to show as usual, but again this week I have not taken very many pictures.

Below is a picture from the weekend, oh how I wish I could wear this to work.
Although its freezing where I work so I guess it does not matter to much that we have to dress up a little more.

 Happy Wednesday! Only 2 more days of work after today!
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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Good bye Weekend...

Saturday my mom came over and we went to my Grandpa's shop.  We met all the Bonneville team to go to lunch and hang out.  No one is going to Bonneville this year since we don't have a race car anymore, so it was good to get to see everyone.

 We all went out to lunch to Mexican food.

 Later in the day my mom and I went shopping for some clothes and ended up back at my house for dinner.

Sunday morning I made waffles! They were supper yummy, although I don't really think its the best way to start your day by loading up on sugar and carbs! I got an instant stomach ache and head ache.

 My mom brought me these really pretty flowers that were left over from a banquet that her and my dad went to.  I told her they look like a wedding center peice.
 Grant doing what he likes best, checking the surf forecast and cameras.
 Grant spent the whole day painting our room.  That green wall is now a dark blue grey.
I can't wait to do a whole post on the before and after.  The room looks sooo much better, but we are no where near done so it might still be a while.
Hopefully this week we will finish the room, I have a feeling its going to take us a while.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Cutie Pie Rompers and Accessories

My cousin's little girl Hazel is modeling some cute outfits from the store Cutie Pie Rompers and Accessories.  I just had to post this because she looks so lovely and these outfits are so cute.
You can find all these looks here
I hope everyone is having a good Friday!
(this is not a sponsored post I just love how cute these pictures are and how cute my little Hazel is)

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

What I Wore...Black

 Seems like all I ever wear to work anymore is black.  Whenever I wear a cute summer outfit on the weekend I forget to take a picture of it.  Anyways here are 2 all black looks that I have been wearing over and over to work lately.  I am sure everyone wonders if I own any other color.

 From now on I am going to try to wear something more interesting and remember to take more pictures!

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Monday, July 22, 2013

Taking Care of Business

 Thanks to a lot of hard work and to the Donatelli Family we were able to put our new windows in our bedroom.  The original windows were horrible! They were about 50 years old with ripped screens and peeling tint.  The new ones are amazing, they block out the heat and they are super clear!
Grant is now currently working on the final touches, then we have to paint them and put up new blinds and that is when I will take some really good pictures and show everyone just how awesome they are!

 Saturday was spent removing the hideous shower doors from our bathroom.  When we first viewed this place I remember thinking ohhh yay shower doors, no more curtains!  Yes they are ugly but I was thinking I could deal with that because I wouldn't have to deal with a curtain.  Turns out only one of the doors moved and if you got in there and tried to move the other door it would fall off the track and trap you in there!  On closer inspection the doors were disgusting, probably having never been cleaned by the previous owners, and when we pulled them off you could see just how nasty they were!

 The removal was a ton of work so luckily I had my mom to help me! We found a really pretty shower curtain at Target and the whole room looks 1000% better!
 To celebrate a job well done on the windows we had the Donatelli's over and made burgers and hotdogs, we had so much food we are still eating it lol!

 Our former neighbors Katherine and Magno came over too, it was great to see them and we wanted to show them our new place.

 Katherine made us this awesome house warming gift! We really love it! Its our first gift as a married couple with our name on it! Thank you!
She also brought some yummy cupcakes from the Bakery she works at, I only tried the chocolate peanut butter one and it was awesome!

Thanks everyone for all the help on our place, we have one major project done and only about one million still to do!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Final Vacation Post

 Here are the final pictures of us in Maui. We had such a great trip, relaxing and hanging out!  It is truly beautiful there and it never gets old.

 The water is crystal clear, almost amazing!

Aloha Maui!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

What I Wore on Vacation

 Its always fun to go on vacations and pack cute outfits.
I wore a lot of different clothes that I can't wear to work and that were new the funny thing is I forgot to take pictures of all my different looks.  These are the few I remembered to snap a photo of.

 My cousin Lacey made a funny comment about our matching stripes she said " the family that stripes together stays together." I am still laughing when I see we are wearing our matching shirts lol!

 This was our last night out.  I have had this dress for years and always forget to wear it.

Finally this is what I wore to travel home in, stretchy pants!  Turned out it was freezing on the plane so I had to wear a sweatshirt and 2 blankets!  When I looked over Grant was not looking cold at all in a t-shirt and shorts and flip flops.

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