Sunday, July 14, 2013


This morning we arrived back home from our vacation in Maui.  We had the best time ever!  It is weird to come home after being away for a week, our house seemed a little foreign to me. We were gone 10 days so you can imagine we took a lot of pictures and did a lot of activities.

I will break the vacation into a couple posts because that way I can fit everything in.  I love being on vacation but I guess its nice to be home too.

We arrived in Maui on July 4th.
 We landed in Oahu and had to wait about 3 hours for our connection to Maui, but luckily they have a really pretty outside courtyard to sit in while you wait.

 When we finally arrived my parents were there to pick us up at the airport and take us to the condo we stayed in.  Of course we started out with a few drinks before we went to Lahaina to see the fireworks.
 This is the view out of our balcony!  So beautiful...

 This is the dinning room and living room of the condo.  My mom cut up fresh pineapple everyday.
 After settling in we drove to Lahaina to see all the fireworks.  Of course its really hard to get a good picture of fireworks, but it was an excellent show and we had a lot of fun.

In the next post I will share what we did on our first full day or two in Maui!


beeswax said...

We're still heeerrre, nana nana na na. For one day any way. It's still beautiful. We had a wonderful time with you and Grant. Love you, MOM.

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