Wednesday, August 14, 2013

House Updates

I feel like I have been sleeping a lot lately, but surprisingly when I look back at my photos I see we actually have accomplished quite a lot.  Just last weekend Grant finally got the fan in the down stairs bathroom working so we no longer have to have the front door open as our way of airing out the bathroom and we put up a security screen, painted the front door and installed a new mail box.  I do have to admit a lot of this work was happening while I was sleeping but I did go on many of the trips to home depot and lowes to buy return and buy again these products, and most importantly I was there to clean up after all the "construction" dust settled.  I also prepared all the yummy meals needed to keep him going! All in all it is a team effort.

 Mail box before 
and mail box after!
 I love that it locks because on days where we don't get any mail I don't have to wonder if someone stole it or some kids messed with it.

 Above is the ugly and dirty front door that stuck out like a sore thumb
and Below is our door painted and new door handles installed!
 Grant said hopefully over time we can get rid of all the ugly brass door knobs.
 I have also been working on the drawings for the California Hot Rod Reunion.  I have 2 done and about 4 to go!  I really need to work double time to get it done.
Finally tonight's dinner it was sooo good!

Only 2 more days to till the weekend!


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